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Alta Via dei Monti Lattari – Guida ai punti di interessi

Alta Via dei Monti Lattari – Guide to points of interest

On altaviadeimontilattari.it , a guide to the points of interest that you meet on the CAI path 300 , also known as the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari , is finally available .
This guide was created by all our staff Luca Casaburi , Marco Casaburi and Magda Lianet Padillia of  Turismo.RicercAttiva .
The material and information were collected during our excursions and experiences over the years and during the event  Cammina con Noi – Alta Via dei Monti Lattari in June 2022.
We thank all those who have accompanied us on the paths of the Lattari Mountains and have transferred to us the love and passion for this land, mountains and sea of ​​the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula.
Thanks to Vincenzo and Antonio Casaburi , ASD Trekking Cava and Luigi Pisapia , the brothers Eliseo and Paolo Polacco , Luigi Apicella and the Eliani group , all the friends who supported us in our adventures.

The guide to the points of interest of the Alta via dei Monti Lattari can be consulted online at the following link.

Happy reading and good journey.

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