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Safety in the mountains?…GEORESQ

How much curiosity does the call of the majestic mountain peaks arouse? Whether alone or in company, the essential thing always remains a thoughtful and conscious approach to the activities undertaken. However, we often find ourselves faced with unpleasant circumstances, despite all our preventative efforts.

So here is an interesting solution: an application that aims to raise the level of safety in the mountains, addressing both novices and more experienced mountaineers.

GEORESQ , this is its name, is configured as an application that can be easily installed on any smartphone, regardless of the operating system adopted. Taking advantage of the capabilities ofGPS, this solution offers a simple and intuitive graphical interface, designed to be immediately usable.

This is an aid of inestimable value for every mountain visitor, contributing in a tangible way to increasing the level of safety and awareness during excursions.

This preventive system, conceived for the good of all citizens, was promoted by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and entrusted to the management of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps , highlighting a concrete commitment to the safety of mountain lovers, with the support of  the Ministry of Tourism . Thanks to the ministry, the app is made free and available for all hikers.


What is GEORESQ?

Here is GEORESQ: a smartphone app that is based on two main functions – geolocation and forwarding of emergency requests . Simply put, it’s a lifesaver for mountain and outdoor enthusiasts .

Why is this so important? More and more people are venturing into remote places, but not everyone knows the area perfectly. In an emergency, knowing exactly where you are can mean the difference between life and death.

GEORESQ provides you with your coordinates in real time and, if necessary, sends them directly to the emergency services. Furthermore, with the tracking function , you can record your route. And by sharing access with a family member, you increase the chances of rapid intervention.

Remember though, GEORESQ is for emergency situations only. So if you’re looking for tourist information, you’ll have to look elsewhere!

How does GEORESQ work?

Before going into the details of GEORESQ’s features, it is important to underline that this app necessarily requires the presence of an active data connection . In fact, requests for help are sent via the data transmission channel , even in the presence of a weak signal. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have access to a working internet connection.

But what happens if you are in an area without data coverage? In this case, unfortunately, technology shows its limits. The solution consists in trying to move to a neighboring area where there is at least a minimal data signal available.

To ensure the correct functioning of this app, three essential requirements are necessary:

  1. The GPS antenna of the smartphone in which the app is installed must be operational.
  2. The smartphone must be enabled for data traffic.
  3. You must be in a position that allows you to have adequate space of visible sky to guarantee the accuracy of the GPS signal.

ALARM function

GEORESQ’s rescue function is probably the most crucial aspect of the app. In fact, it allows you to immediately send a request for help by transferring your position to the GeoResQ operations center, active 24 hours a day.

Once the request is received, the responsible operator undertakes to immediately contact the requester to verify the situation and confirm the reported position. Subsequently, he will promptly forward the request for help to the competent authorities.

It is important to underline that GEORESQ is a service available exclusively in Italy, offering an important safety resource for outdoor enthusiasts across the country.

POSITION function

The GEORESQ “Location” function provides the exact geographical coordinates of the point where you are, their precision and the indication of the closest location on the cartography. This information is crucial to ensure timely rescue interventions.

TRACK ME function

The GEORESQ tracking function records the route during excursions and allows you to view it later in the personal area of ​​the GEORESQ portal. If activated and with data coverage, family members can follow the route from home. In the event of an emergency and upon your request, the data from the recorded tracks are accessible to the GeoResQ operations center to help the rescue services locate you more easily.

For more information, see the FAQ .

How is it activated?

It is possible to download the app from the appropriate store:

GEORESQ is an app that is activated based on the NAME/SURNAME and TELEPHONE NUMBER combination.
Transferring data to another smartphone does not create any problems as long as the pairing just mentioned is maintained.

The app is completely free and therefore you can proceed to use it without additional costs.

The GEORESQ portal

The application constitutes the “active” side of this security tool, while the portal represents the back-office. Through the portal, you can enter all your personal information, including emergency contacts, manage payments, access recorded tracks and tracked details, including any photos taken. Despite being essential, the portal offers fundamental and practical functionality for its purpose.

portale GEORESQ

Safety first of all

In conclusion, the use of the GEORESQ app turns out to be a precious ally for lovers of outdoor adventure. Thanks to its simple interface and essential features, GEORESQ offers greater safety during mountain excursions and outdoor activities. With the ability to quickly send emergency calls, record routes and share crucial information with family members, GEORESQ confirms itself as an indispensable travel companion for those who love exploring nature.

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