If its doesn’t CHALLENGE you It Doesn’t CHANGE you

Travel Diary: Santiago de Compostela

We leave the small and uninhabited village and continue on our way. We cross the ornithological reserve of Mindelo with
We started from Teso to head to the coast. Wheat fields and mills served as masters until the asphalt roads
Waking up at dawn and seeing a painting with fantastic colors on the ocean is an indescribable emotion. It was
For this stretch we are 8, a lady joins the group. The longest 30km stage is a great challenge. This
The day begins adventurously. We leave Caminha by boat to cross the Miño, the river that divides Portugal and Spain
It rains as soon as you wake up, but you just have to wait to be able to leave in
It was not the journey that struck me but the arrival, Vigo what emotions you gave between meetings and goodbyes.
It would take at least a couple of days to visit Vigo, but we are satisfied with the extraordinary view
When you think it's over and just then the climb begins, what a fantastic life story.Santiago's journey is just like
The penultimate relaxation stage, very thoughtful and very beautiful. We went from the colors of the dawn of the woods
On the road to Santiago. Last day !!We leave Vilanova by boat for Pontesecures from where the last journey to
One road to Santiago, pilgrims from all over Europe come together in a long caravan to the sanctuary. Greetings and