If its doesn’t CHALLENGE you It Doesn’t CHANGE you

Santiago de Compostela. Freedom achieved

One road to Santiago, pilgrims from all over Europe come together in a long caravan to the sanctuary. Greetings and short meetings between new and old acquaintances, all united towards the goal. Adrenaline circulates, no pain or tiredness today but only the desire to arrive step by step, kilometer after kilometer.
From the narrow streets of the historic center you can see the tower of the sanctuary. The crowd increases and the pace increases to the square. Slow down at the beginning of the square, you can see the pilgrims on the ground on the left and the stairs on the right.
I put on my backpack and sit on the ground, my mind is free and my journey ends here. As I look at the cathedral and enjoy the people in the square, I laugh and joke with my travel companions.
At the end of the journey it is said that you find yourself, that the journey changes you. From Porto to Santiago, from 280 km ago, many things have really changed. I feel free, like few other times in life. This is where my journey to Santiago ends.

Luca Casaburi

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