If its doesn’t CHALLENGE you It Doesn’t CHANGE you

Towards the third stage Pòvoa De Varzim

We leave the small and uninhabited village and continue on our way. We cross the ornithological reserve of Mindelo with the immense beaches and the calm sea, and then move to the coast along wooden walkways and tourist towns up to Pòvoa De Varzim, Portugal. A city with counter-bows, the kingdom of sportsmen, with immense Portuguese beaches, outdoor gyms, soccer, volleyball and basketball fields, skateboard track, climbing structures, Spartan fields 😍 … and to finish also the casino. In this huge gym, not even the shadow of a place to sleep, and then backpackers take the road to Teso. I’m sorry to leave a very interesting Bolognese blonde, but a bed and a belly have priority. Teso, a small village, where a young married couple welcome us and show true Portuguese hospitality, what remains in the heart and forever.

Luca Casaburi

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