If its doesn’t CHALLENGE you It Doesn’t CHANGE you

From the Baiona caravel to Ramallosa: the eighth stage in Galicia

It rains as soon as you wake up, but you just have to wait to be able to leave in peace. We pass from the ocean to the mountains, cross a beautiful pine forest and then go downhill on Baiona, Galicia. What a fantastic city. Here the Pinta di Colombo caravel returns from the Americas to bring the story of discovery. The reproduction in the ship is at the port and seeing it leaves one to think … has such a small ship crossed the ocean? If so, Columbus and his crew accomplished a legendary feat. Baiona, a tourist town full of people and very beautiful architecture, but after a short break we start again. We arrive in Ramallosa where a new meeting is added in the evening, Letizia from Madrid for a ride to the fair from beer.

Luca Casaburi

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