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Morcone - Il Presepe nel Presepe, XXXVIII Edizione 2023

“Il Presepe nel Presepe” in Morcone – XXXVIII Edition 2023

“Morcone looks like a crib to those who observe it from the highway and this feature is even more evident under the snow. This is why when the living nativity scene is represented in its narrow streets and squares, it is right to speak of a nativity scene in the nativity scene. The historic center of the town and its population form the backdrop for the Nativity scene, while the harsh climate contributes to making the atmosphere of the event even more evocative.”


In the province of Benevento on the border with Molise, the small mountain town of Morcone overlooks the Tammaro valley , on the slopes of Mount Mucre . The small Benevento village is truly characteristic and splendid in all seasons, but at the beginning of January it has to offer one of the most exciting Christmas events that we have had the opportunity to witness: the living nativity scene ” Il Presepe nel Presepe “.

Morcone, perched on the slopes near the San Marco stream , only looking at it from a distance, looks like a real Neapolitan nativity scene and this event is perfect in this place. The characteristic that distinguishes the Morcone Crib, and which in some respects makes it unique, is the fact that it can be divided into two acts, as is done in the theatre.

The first shadows of the evening fall, and in an icy atmosphere we move towards the crib area surrounded by sweet music…

It begins with a visit to the recreated areas of the historic centre. The few dim lights, the streets in the twilight, the common people in the poor costumes of the time, make us relive that Bethlehem of Mary and Joseph. The old trades are represented, which have given so much prestige to our town. You go up stairs, cross alleys and small squares, meet artisans, housewives, soldiers, laundresses, artists, merchants and a perfectly functioning water mill.

…An enthralling atmosphere envelops you, the angel appears to the shepherds and announces the advent…

And so, following this path, we find ourselves outside Porta San Marco where in an unreal scenario, having passed the stream of the same name dominated by the “Prece”, we can witness the scenes of the Nativity, starting with the Annunciation to Mary up to the apotheosis with the birth of the Savior and the arrival of the shepherds illuminated by hundreds of torches and the blinding glow of the ‘ndocce of Agnone . Finally, the comet star will guide the Magi to the cave.

…Reopen your eyes the spell is over… Jesus was born.

Event website: http://www.presepenelpresepe.org/

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