If its doesn’t CHALLENGE you It Doesn’t CHANGE you

Orangogo, sport as a tool to have a happier life

Orangogo is the portal to find your sporting passion in the place closest to you. Through a powerful filter system, you can find the sport you like best according to your age and the time you have available, to book your first lesson.
Orangogo believes that sport should be inclusive, so it also helps people with varying degrees of disability to find the best option.
On this platform you can find various sports facilities that o ff er all types of sports and book by purchasing vouchers that can be used up to 14 days after purchase.
Thanks to its powerful search engine, you will have the opportunity to know and be interested in sports that you probably did not know or thought were not for you, and you can do it close to home or in the office at the times that suit you best.

Sports psychological assistance

If you are not sure which sport to choose, you can consult the sports cards prepared by the sports psychologist or get inspired by the OrangoPacks to get started.
This original value proposition is part of Orangogo’s vision that wants to help all people discover their talent from childhood and in every moment of life, so that they become aware of their skills and passions.
Sport does not have to be a burden, something that must be done by obligation, but you must know how to appreciate beauty, as we were able to do with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Orangogo has come to revolutionize the way of approaching sport, focusing above all on the individual, on personal propensities, on the physique and character of each one. Likewise, curiosity is stimulated to awaken the tastes, passions and talents of each person.

The social impact of Orangogo

The goals of Orangogo are to increase the number of people with an active and athletic lifestyle, especially among young people who tend to have a more sedentary life due to the use of electronic devices. Likewise, try to increase the performance of top-level athletes.
In short, what this Italian startup is looking for is to increase the psychophysical well-being of the community or by offering a wide variety of alternatives that adapt individually to each person, all this so that everyone can find their passion and exploit their talents.

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