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Steel bottle, an ecological choice for every use

The fifty-first “World Earth Day” was celebrated on 22 April 2021.

In fact, every year since 1970, April 22 is “World Earth Day”. Remember that we only have one Earth, that we must protect it and that everyone has the duty to preserve it, even for future generations, through small and simple gestures. However, gestures can make a difference.

The golden rules for helping our planet are few but very important:

  • reduce the use of private vehicles, favoring public ones, cycling or walking;
  • consume seasonal fruit and vegetables and limit the consumption of meat;
  • eliminate waste of electricity due to unnecessarily lit warning lights and lights;
  • buy and use clothes and food in a conscious way;
  • do not waste water;
  • do the separate collection meticulously, with particular attention to plastic and packaging.

Plastic, a massive presence in everyone’s daily life, represents one of the most serious problems to be faced in terms of environmental protection and ecology.

This material, obtained from complicated oil transformation processes, has a huge limit: it cannot be recycled indefinitely, unlike other materials found in nature such as glass and aluminum, and it is not biodegradable.

As if that were not enough, the poor environmental culture of many has meant that a lot of plastic ended up being abandoned on the streets and on the beaches, causing enormous damage to the fauna, especially the marine one. Everyone knows by now the disheartening images of islands of microplastics present in the seas around the world, of turtles and fish entangled in nets or suffocated by floating plugs, mistaken for food.

But what can we do?

It sounds incredible, but it is by starting with our everyday life that we can really make a difference.

By choosing fresh products, favoring products stored in biodegradable packaging and avoiding buying beverages packaged in plastic bottles, we could really reduce the impact that this material has on the environment.

But how can you give up the convenience of bottles?

Drinking is known to be very important for health: many doctors recommend drinking at least two liters of water a day. So having your favorite drink always with you has become a habit for young and old.

Whether it’s summer or winter, for sport, at school or at work, we bring all kinds of drinks with us, unfortunately often using machines and distributors.

However, there is an alternative, without sacrificing comfort. In fact, there are stainless steel water bottles on the market which, in addition to being beautiful and coloring our day, offer us numerous advantages.

These bottles, usually available in 500ml and 750ml formats, despite being very light, are able, just like a traditional thermos, to maintain the temperature of the drinks for several hours: 24 hours for cold liquids and 12 for hot ones. An internal insulation system guarantees that you can quench your thirst at the desired temperature: it will be possible to take them with you on a hot day at the beach, without sacrificing freshness, as well as to warm up after a long training session in the mountains.

  • They are durable and functional, have a scratch-resistant surface and are a beautiful and elegant design object.
  • They are 100% recyclable: steel is a material that can be recycled indefinitely, we could say eternal.
  • They are free of BPA and phthalates.

But what does BPA free mean?

The acronym BPA refers to bisphenol A, a particular chemical element used in the production of plastics, including those for food use. Unfortunately, BPA molecules have the ability to migrate, moving from the container to the food it contains. In the case of bottles, this phenomenon can be accentuated by exposure to the sun’s rays or heat. Carrying them in the car or using them for several days, the real risk is that a certain amount of these chemical components end up contaminating the liquid we drink.
The consequences that the assimilation of BPA and phthalates can have on health are not yet clear, it is certain that it would certainly be better to avoid: after all they are always derivatives of oil …
This is why we should pay close attention to the type of container to use, without exposing ourselves to unnecessary risks.
The stainless steel bottles guarantee us the total absence of BPA in drinks.

Beautiful, colorful, comfortable and above all green: they are a favor to us and to the environment.

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