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The perfect breakfast before embarking on a tough hike

Excursions, wherever they are, are always a pampering for the mind and body. However, they can be more or less demanding and it is therefore necessary to prepare to face them in an optimal way by preventing discomfort due to dehydration or a sudden drop in sugar. We often ask ourselves what is best to eat for breakfast to feel energetic but not weighed down and ready to face a tough hike . Here are some little tips and ideas to create a perfect and balanced breakfast.

What to eat for breakfast before an excursion

Breakfast is always an important meal, which must make us start the day in an energetic and positive way, therefore it is not to be underestimated when you decide to tackle a hard excursion. If possible you should try to have breakfast at least two hours before so as to completely digest the meal and not feel weighed down during the excursion.

The breakfast must be complete, therefore composed of a source of carbohydrates, one of proteins, one of fats and a fruit, in order to take on all the macro and micronutrients necessary to have an energy boost.

It is good to always start breakfast with a seasonal fruit, preferring types that are not too watery which would slow down digestion. Fruit is rich in vitamins A, C, folic acid and essential minerals for the body such as potassium , very useful when you have to face long walks.

Then choose a source of complex carbohydrates such as oats, rye bread, muesli or boiled potatoes , which reduce the sense of hunger and blood sugar in the hours following a meal.

Then combine a protein source without exaggerating in quantities as a full amount of protein would weigh down the digestive system making us feel bloated throughout the excursion. Eggs cooked in all possible ways are preferred , or cooked ham or some low-fat cheese such as ricotta or Greek yogurt .

And finally , fats, few but good, are not to be forgotten . Extra virgin olive oil or avocado if you opt for a savory breakfast or dried fruit if you prefer sweet but try to limit the dose as it is slow to digest.

Hydration is important for tackling a tough hike

Always remember to hydrate your body. In fact, it is capable of obtaining energy by exploiting the stores of fat, but it begins to be a serious problem if there is a lack of fluids. During a hard excursion, the sun and fatigue cause an abundant loss of body water and a dehydration that exceeds 2% significantly lowers performance , makes us feel more tired with headaches risking fainting. Then drink a nice glass of water and bring some supplies with you so as to replenish fluids throughout the day. The sports formulas found on the market, often full of sugars that only damage performance, are not recommended .

What to avoid at breakfast before a hike

Yes, breakfast is very important, but it is also important not to overdo the quantities . During digestion, all the blood is sent to the digestive system, depriving it of the limbs that will not be able to make great efforts, causing pain and fatigue. It is advisable to avoid heavy or high-fiber foods such as red meat especially if very cooked, fried food, very seasoned dishes and packaged food full of sugars and fats that would only slow down digestion without providing the right and necessary energy to our body.

Here are some examples of a perfect breakfast to tackle a tough excursion

There are many alternatives and choosing the perfect ingredients to make a good breakfast is not difficult if you pay attention to the small tricks we have mentioned in this article.

Here are some tasty ideas you can take as a starting point:

  • Natural mountain yogurt with muesli or oat flakes and a fresh fruit
  • Scrambled or poached eggs with cereal bread and an avocado.
  • Toast with ghee butter and honey and a fresh fruit centrifuge

It is enough to have a little imagination, the right knowledge and an attention to the quality of the products to create the perfect breakfast before facing a hard excursion.
Enjoy your meal and have fun!

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