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What to visit in a day in Vietri sul Mare

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in southern Italy, consisting of simply spectacular places, rich in tradition and culture. One of the flagships of the Amalfi Coast is certainly Vietri sul Mare, a magical place with a thousand riches and breathtaking landscapes. Located just 3 km from Salerno, Vietri sul Mare can be considered in all respects a hidden jewel among the beauties of the Amalfi Coast, not surprisingly it was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Vietri sul Mare has become famous over the years for its unique ceramics in the world so as to earn them the name of city of ceramics.

A day walking through the alleys and pottery

If you are really thinking of going to this sensational place, here are some tips of what you absolutely cannot miss and you will see that after seeing it for the first time, you will want to go back a thousand more times and it will surprise you to discover how each time it is unique.
Obviously as soon as you arrive in Vietri sul Mare the first thing you absolutely must visit are its fantastic ceramics, in every corner of the city you can admire these real works of art which have contributed to making Vietri sul Mare famous all over the world . In fact, on every ceramic object there is represented the life of the inhabitants and their traditions, where yellow and blue are the masters. Discovering the narrow streets of the village is certainly an experience that will leave you speechless at every step, in fact you can admire the various craftsmen who make these great little works of art in their workshops. And if by chance a tour in the various alleys of the city is not enough, you could go to the Provincial Museum of Ceramics, located in the sumptuous Villa Guariglia, where the ceramics and tile mosaics are practically everywhere within which daily life is described of the inhabitants and their traditions.

After a nice walk among all these beauties you will surely be hungry, so why not enjoy a delicious plate of Gragnano paccheri with perhaps freshly caught fish or the inevitable anchovy dish, typical of the Vietri tradition.
Certainly what can not miss in your tour in Vietri sul Mare is its spectacular church of San Giovanni Battista, dedicated to the patron saint of the city, represents the Cathedral of Vietri sul Mare where its main particularity is represented by its dome made in majolica completely colored.
  The best way to end this fantastic day in Vietri sul Mare is definitely to enjoy a fantastic aperitif overlooking the sea, perhaps admiring a romantic sunset with your loved one.

The legend of Roda

Obviously you cannot miss a relaxing walk on the seafront to admire this fantastic landscape, in particular it will be easy to see two large rocks, called the two brother rocks, which have become famous because the legend tells that two brothers dived into the sea to save a young woman and in doing so they lost their lives. Roda, daughter of Neptune, struck by this courageous gesture, decided to transform the bodies of the two brothers into two huge rocks in their honor.

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