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The Green of the Serra. Walk through history, music and nature – 5 August 2022 Cava de ‘Tirreni

On Friday 5th August 2022 in Cava de ‘Tirreni , Pineta La Serra the event “ The Green of the“ Serra ”from Palizzi to today was held. Walk through history, music and nature “ . Evening organized by Giovanni Falcone, Rita Cardone and the missionary association “Pietre Vive” in support of schooling projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The protagonist of the event was the territory of Pineta La Serra and how it has changed over time, a walk through history and nature accompanied by music as a backdrop.

We thank the intervention of Aniello Ragone who, together with Professor Lucia Avigliano, tell us about the landscape of the Serra and S. Maria al Toro , even from lesser known “perspectives”.

We publish a short video dedicated to the event on Friday 5 August 2022.

Il Verde della Serra. Passeggiata tra storia, musica e natura – 5 Agosto 2022 Cava de’ Tirreni

We also thank the students of the IIS Vanvitelli – Della Corte for the welcome and the musical moment by the students of the IIS De Filippis – Galdi and M ° Gianluca Buonocore (Piano) and Riccardo Falcone (Clarinet).

Thanks to the Lithodora Social Cooperative – Alta Via dei Lattari 1876 – THE KNIGHTS OF THE WHITE PARCHMENT – Turismo.RicercAttiva – Areablu Edizioni – Michele Massa photographer

On the poster: Nicola Palizzi: “View of the Quarry” National Museum of Capodimonte.
Graphic design: Michele Massa Press: Areablu Edizioni

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