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Cascata dei Capelli di Venere

The Venus Hair Falls – The Capello Oasis of Casaletto Spartano

Among the many beauties of nature that  Cilento  offers, the Venus Hair waterfalls  in  Casaletto Spartano stand out among the many  . The waterfalls of Venus are among the most beautiful  waterfalls in Campania  and are visited from all over Italy and Europe.

Where are

The  Capelli di Venere waterfalls  are located near the Cilento town of  Casaletto Spartano, in  the Capello area, one kilometer from the town. Casaletto Spartano is one of the municipalities in the southern area of  ​​the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park , known as  the Gulf of Policastro .

The oasis is located along the provincial road at a maximum of 500 meters from Casaletto Spartano and is equipped with a car park to accommodate guests.

However, we invite and advise you to park your car in Casaletto Spartano and then proceed along the path.

Venus Hair Falls

The most famous waterfall in Cilento can therefore be found inside the Oasi Capello . The oasis and locality of Casaletto Spartano take their name from the same waterfall.
The Capelli di Venere waterfall is formed by the  tributary of the Bussento river , the  Bussentino . The Hair of Venus is a spectacle of nature that has seen the union of 3 elements: the Bussentino water  flows over  the Maidenhair plant  which lives attached to the  rock . The cascade of waters from the Capelli has created  natural pools in the bed of the river where it is also possible to swim. A bath in the icy water considering the glacial temperature of the water even in the middle of August.

The Capello Oasis and the Trails

The Capelli di Venere are located within the Oasis of the Capello Area , within which there are  many attractions . In addition to the waterfalls, we find  nature trails for trekking  lovers  ,  bridges  and structures. Among the latter we have an  old water mill  brought back to its former glory that you can visit. There are also wooden bridges in the oasis  , these built to reach the waterfall. In addition to the wooden ones, there is also a  Norman stone bridge  that overlooks the waterfall.

The Bussento river and the Bussentino tributary

The Cascata dei Capelli di Venere, as we have seen, are  fed by the tributary of the Bussento river , the  Bussentino . The Bussentino, in fact, is a tributary that enriches the waters of the Bussento river near  Morigerati . The Bussento river, 37 km long, comes to life from the  Varco La Peta spring  on  Mount Cervati at 900  meters  above sea level, in the municipality of  Sanza . During its course, the river feeds the artificial dam of  Lake Sabetta  and disappears into the subsoil at  Caselle in Pittari . The Bussento river, before flowing near  Policastro Bussentino, re-emerges on the surface at  Morigerati , where it gave life to  the Bussento Caves , which have become a wwf oasis.

The origin of the name “Hair of Venus”

The name given to the Venus Hair waterfalls is to be found in  the plant  that covers the rock above which the waterfalls flow. It is a  fern  named  Maidenhair , hence the name to the waterfalls. The Maidenhair is a very elegant plant with a very bright green color and a light appearance. For the curious and nature lovers, we invite you to learn more about the plant at this link .

Useful information

To access the Venus Hair Falls oasis,  you need to buy tickets at the infopoint located at the entrance to the area. The cost of the ticket for access to the Oasis is  3 euros per person . The ticket allows access to the waterfalls, the paths of the Oasis, as well as the picnic area  with bathrooms and a space reserved for children.

The trek we recommend

The Capelli di Venere waterfalls are located along the Cammino di San Nilo , one of the most beautiful paths in Cilento, and a small trek that we recommend is by following a short stretch of the path that goes from Casaletto Spartano to the Venus Hair Falls.

Starting from the church of San Nicola of Bari from the small square of Casaletto Spartano , take Via Selice and then Via Polito to reach the beginning of the path that crosses with the Cammino di San Nilo. Following the signs towards the Capelli di Venere, you go up the Bussentino torrent.

Along the path there is the crossroads to go up to Battaglia where you can visit Palazzo Galotti and the church of Santa Maria della Stella . Continuing the path you reach a stupendous waterfall before reaching the end of the path that leads to the road and to the Oasi del Capello.

Finally having reached the Oasis among paths, mills and wooden bridges, one can admire the spectacle of water and enjoy the break in the little paradise. To return, it is possible to take the provincial road SP16 to return to the small village of Casaletto Spartano.

All that remains is to wait for the perfect day to go to this splendid place.

Happy walking and happy trekking!

Outdoor path

PDF file of the itinerary

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