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The ghost town of Sorbo – When nature takes back its spaces

You are facing a country forgotten by time, a place that nature has taken over with strength and determination. Sorbo , a ghost town located in the municipality of Montecorvino Pugliano in the province of Salerno, Campania , is a place left to itself.

As you walk through its deserted streets, you immerse yourself in a timeless dimension where every corner tells a story of life and abandonment. Sorbo has been abandoned by the inhabitants, left to itself and with the passage of time.

The reason for its depopulation is not clear: perhaps due to the 1980 earthquake which brought disasters throughout Campania, perhaps the flight of young people who were looking for opportunities, perhaps the need of the inhabitants to have more comfortable houses and wider ways to the activities. The rural houses that once housed large families have become empty, silent, and only the singing of birds and the rustle of the wind accompany your path.

Sorbo is a town that in the 70s/80s began to feel cramped, the houses were too small, without bathrooms or spaces for renovation, where the fireplace or oven was the only source of heat in the house. So a new bigger country was built to succumb to all the needs of the modernization of the society.

The little information we have comes from the web: in the 1834 book “Corogradia d’Italia” by Giovanni B. Rampoldi it is mentioned as a small village belonging to the municipality of Montecorvino and nothing more.

But Sorbo remains a magical and mysterious place, where nature takes back the land, and humanity seems to have disappeared forever. Every house, every street, every corner is a treasure to be discovered, where the dust of time and dry leaves tell of a glorious but now distant past.

The houses, once heated by lighted fireplaces, have become nests for animals, and the fallen leaves have created a natural carpet that lines the streets of the town. Sorbo is a parallel dimension, where time seems to have stopped and nature has taken its place.

Most of the old and crumbling houses have roofs that have fallen due to bad weather. The few accessible houses are left to themselves, only a few can see any traces of civilization, perhaps still used as deposits today.

The beauty of Sorbo lies in its state of abandonment, nature makes access difficult and it is also difficult to find a few moments of life that have remained intact and buried under the dust of time.

For fans of photos and abandoned places, Sorbo can offer special and unique shots and a few hours of exploration, but be careful of unsafe areas.

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