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Santa Maria di Castellabate – What to visit

One of the most beautiful territories in the Cilento area, in the heart of the province of Salerno, is Castellabate, a very characteristic village that is perched on a hill and became famous for the shooting of the famous and entertaining film “Benvenuti al Sud”. One of the fractions of this town that is located directly on the sea is Santa Maria di Castellabate which today represents a renowned tourist resort that during the summer knows a real invasion of tourists. We then discover the characteristics of this location and what are the most interesting things to see while you are spending a holiday.

Santa Maria di Castellabate: characteristics and history

As mentioned, Santa Maria di Castellabate represents the main fraction of Castellabate and is situated in an ideal position in the Cilento, between the Vallo di Diano, the Alburni and a splendid sea. The latter represents one of the main economic resources of the town as it allowed the development of tourism, ideal for both families and groups of boys looking for fun and carefree. The beach, sandy but with some rock and rock interludes, extends from Punta Tresino to Punta Licosa and is located within a protected marine area.

What to see in Santa Maria di Castellabate

It is not conceivable to go on holiday to Santa Maria di Castellabate and not to visit the different beaches that characterize it, where stretches of sandy coastline alternate where it is possible to take pleasant walks to coves and ravines where rock and rocks are the masters and it is possible find the typical marine fauna. Along the sandy coast there are several beaches, perfectly equipped to welcome tourists, who can bathe in a crystal-clear sea that has been recognized as a Blue Flag for several years. A very interesting excursion is to be made to Punta Pagliarolo, where there are some sea caves characterized by a splendid sea and by a seabed that also allows for underwater activities.
Most tourists tend towards the area called Lago, as it is one of the largest in the area, very organized due to the presence of bars and restaurants, and where the white lily grows, the typical Cilento flower whose particularity is that of grow directly in the sand.
Very beautiful to see, and where to have a pleasant bath, are the Pozzillo Beach between Santa Maria and San Marco, which presents a splendid background of pines creating a truly unique panorama, and the Marina Piccola Beach near the historic center, small and crowded, but at the same time wonderful.
After visiting the various beaches, a stop at the port is also recommended. In reality it is a small landing place for fishing boats and not a real port for larger boats. For the inhabitants of the place, this small port is known with the name of “Port of the Gatte“, which derives from an ancient custom of the fishermen who, returned after the fishing trip, cleaned the nets and the fish residues made the cats rushing yes, this way they fed themselves. The place is quite suggestive as in addition to being close to an arched structure, under it we find several bars and restaurants.
Santa Maria di Castellabate can also be considered as a great place to take pleasant walks thanks to the decidedly pleasant promenade. We report, for example, the Perrotti promenade which, in addition to relaxing overlooking the sea, also allows you to admire the statue of Santa Maria a Mare. Likewise, the Pepi waterfront also allows you to look at both the Statue of the Madonna and the Sailors monument; the latter is located near the Scario beach where it is possible to take a swim.
The city center is characterized by the Corso Matrazzo, a completely pedestrian street where you can do some shopping due to the presence of several shops and which allows you to arrive in Piazza Lucia.
These are obviously just some of the peculiarities of this town that can be admired.

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