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Luminarie di San Domenico a Praiano

Illuminations of San Domenico – Praiano 2019

Praiano lights up! In Vettica Maggiore di Praiano on the Amalfi coast, thousands of torches and candles light up the nights of the village, creating a super suggestive scenario on the nights of the coast.

Lights and magical atmospheres in Praiano from July 30th to August 4th to celebrate San Domenico. Candles, torches will light up an entire village creating an unforgettable and magical night. The luminaria of San Domenico will interest the entire inhabited area of Vettica Maggiore, the monumental complex of Santa Maria a Castro and Piazza San Gennaro.

The Luminaria di San Domenico is an ancient tradition, but it was losing its charm due to the advent of electricity and replacing candles with light bulbs, but fortunately since 2001 it has returned to its origins with the wax illuminations, which adorn the terraces, the windows, the gardens, the narrow streets, the domes of the houses and 2000 candles every evening the decoration of Piazza San Gennaro. In past centuries all citizens kept dry branches of vine shoots, trees and shrubs during the year, creating the “fascines” which then burned for the occasion in the gardens, conserved tin cans, glass jars, rags, rancid oil and lard to then make the torches. The Luminaria has a precise meaning: the mother of San Domenico, before giving birth, dreamed of a dog with a torch in its mouth that set the world on fire, signifying that the unborn child would carry the Word of God throughout the world.

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