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Santiago: Il cammino portoghese - Terre di Mezzo

A Santiago lungo il cammino portoghese – Terre di Mezzo

On a journey from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela through surprising territories, with a thousand faces: picturesque towns such as Tomar, Coimbra and Pontevedra, paths immersed in woods and vineyards, the sanctuary of Fatima, a destination for pilgrims from all over the world, the baroque churches of Port. In this new updated edition, those who love the ocean will find the Senda Litoral and the Espiritual Variante, to walk along the sandy beaches of Portugal and the rugged coasts of Galicia. With all the useful information before and during the journey: how to prepare, what to put in your backpack, when to leave, the description of the route, the detailed maps, the altitudes, the gradients, the progressive mileage, the hospitality, the places not to be missed. And also, the variants suitable for cycling.

The validity of the Terre di Mezzo guides is well founded and certainly does not leave any doubt and uncertainty either. Indeed, this updated edition is very valid, introducing the variations for the coast and for Fátima, as well as those suggested for the bicigrinos. Excellent driving directions and suggestions of what to see in the most important centers.

For those who want a preview of the journey that awaits you along the Senda Litoral, I invite you to read my travel diary along the road to Santiago da Porto.

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