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Basilicata Coast to Coast: the redemption film of nature and music

The 2010 film called Basilicata Coast to Coast , directed by Rocco Papaleo , is set in Italy, more precisely in the Basilicata region, in the province of Potenza . The protagonists, played by Max Gazzè , Giovanna Mezzogiorno , Alessandro Gassman and Paolo Briguglia , are four old friends, who decide to take a walk, to see more closely the beauties of nature. So they set off starting from the city of Maratea to then reach Scanzano Ionico , believed to be the site of a prestigious theater festival.
The four cross deserted lands that lead back to I remember the typical Italian western scenarios, to invite viewers to prefer and choose idle times, slowness and contact with unspoiled nature .
To this ecological message, the celebration of the deepest and purest language of words provided by music is combined, believed to be able to unite through communication not only ideas but also heartbeats.
The character of Franco Cardillo played by the great actor and singer Max Gazzè is in fact mute but the notes of his trusty cello are enough for him to be able to tell a soul and a thought. Music is able in most cases to express opinions and thoughts are inevitably having to speak.
The film can be seen as a claim to the soul of the real Basilicata, freed from the Mafia, who wants nothing more than to remain quiet together with his people and his women.
This land must not be so identified only, as often happens with other films, for the memories and old events of the past but as a non-place , that is an ideal concept that is linked to the existence of God. It is precisely in this way that the director wanted to identify his Basilicata Coast to Coast in order to finally be able to give a new look to this extraordinary region, still too strongly linked to the episodes. of the past years.
In the scenario the aspirations linked to the southern regions are clearly present, where artistic talent often struggles to find real blossoms but this does not mean that those interested dare stop king of dreaming.
The film thus tries to focus on the melancholies and the feelings of each of the four protagonists, who together manage to laugh and have fun but always with great grace and without any vulgarity.
The only defect that it is possible to attach to Basilicata Coast to Coast is the inability at the end of the narrated story to have a conclusion, disappointing in this world the expectations of the viewers who expected to see important feats accomplished by the four friends.
This lack is probably fruit of the director’s free choice of wanting to convey, in the best possible way, simply the desire and the idea of ​​normality, to which today we are not so often accustomed.
The film finally allows to reflect on the really important things in life, which are often the simplest ones like music and nature .

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