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Cammino dei Borghi Silenti, Umbria to discover

There is a new path that is certainly worth taking: it is the Walk of the Silent Villages, an itinerary characterized by beaten earth, mountain paths, secondary roads that will lead you to discover the less known and more particular side of the wonderful Umbria.
Suburbs from the Middle Ages where the passage of time seems to have come to a halt.
The path is articulated on the northern sector of the Amerini Mountains, is composed of 4 stages and can be covered in a period of time comprising 4 days.
Below you will understand the reasons why it deserves to make this journey so special.

What is the Walk of the Silent Villages

It is precisely a kind of ring itinerary long “86 km” which extends over the mountain slopes of the Umbrian region.
As has been pointed out above, the path is divided into 4 phases and allows you to see and admire intact places and ancient villages.
The peculiarity that makes it different and special is the silence that completely fascinates visitors. A peace that envelops everything from the woods to the old walls of the villages. One has the feeling that this pleasant silence envelops and encompasses everything that is located in this place so full of attraction.
If you are the kind of runner who can perceive and listen to the environmental condition that surrounds you, then you also have the ability to experience an unusual journey out of time and space.
So it is essential to understand that to make this journey you have to put in not only the commitment of your legs, but you also need to be involved emotionally and from the heart.
The route is located in the south-western area of ​​Umbria, in one of the most beautiful and fascinating but also less known places in this region, far from the destinations frequented by many vacationers.
The program is to make known and support this type of enchanting places through the effort that takes place through the ancient paths, giving the possibility of being able to travel both on foot and by bike.
This route was designed taking the “Camino de Santiago” as a starting point, so it can also represent a test to be done previously, for all those who wish to live that other type of experience.
Before departure, a precise organization is recommended, so as not to find yourself unprepared for any unforeseen events along your route.
An essential aspect is to carry out a search on the refreshment points present throughout the area, so you can decide where to make your stops along the itinerary, to be able to rest or to eat.
Along the way you will be able to see different districts characterized by absolute quiet (starting right from Tenaglie), real little jewels set among the wonderful woods of the place.
We are talking about a decidedly unique and little known territory of Umbria, where it is not unusual to walk for a long time without meeting anyone.
During your journey you will be able to enjoy an ever-changing view from every side that will be extremely gratifying, after the effort undertaken.
The purpose with which this path has been traced is precisely to give those who want to do it a unique experience, a way to disconnect for a while from the chaos inherent in everyday life.

The stages of the Walk of the Silent Villages

The first village that is crossed is exactly the same from which the path begins: Tenaglie.
This small village from the top of its hill manages to overlook the Tiber valley and the whole of Tuscia. Going along these paths during the time of sunset, allows you to contemplate a spectacular panorama.
The Cocciano valley is protected by wooded undulations and represents the classic landscapes of the Umbrian countryside.
Along the way you will also have the opportunity to observe the Castello del Poggio, which belonged to Lucrezia Borgia and which dominates the entire Tiber valley.
The moment you enter the village of Santa Resituita you understand that for this alone it is worth going into this long walk.
In fact, among the small streets of this almost deserted village, you can begin the experience of an extremely intimate and spiritual journey based on a personalized prayer.
Immediately after you will find the Tenuta dei Ciclamini, or the musical venue created by Mogol.
The latter indicates this place as the Enchanted Valley for the splendor it offers.
Then you will find the Borgo di Toscolano, characterized by the fact that it has very few inhabitants and is populated a little more only during the summer season.
Melezzole is a suburb that is literally kissed by the sun’s rays from the early hours of the morning. This village is known for the local chestnut and is a real triumph of nature.
Monte Croce di Serra is not immediately visible, as it is well hidden by very dense woods. Going to the summit where a cross is located, there you will be able to rest while being able to enjoy the peace, the brightness and the riot of colors present.
Along the way you will have the opportunity to visit a small village called Morre, where you will surely find the presence of other people as well as some businesses.
Acqualoreto is located on a hill and has a view that also covers all the wonderful hills around Jacopone.
The last stretch of this path is characterized by difficult but fascinating routes, with woods and clearings where you can find isolated farmhouses much loved by various famous people, such as Tappert who for many years played the much loved Inspector Derrick .
Once you arrive at the Eremo della Pasquarella located on an ancient rock, it is advisable to make a stop to be able to experience this church that seems to hang on the tops of the trees.
In the end, the path is much simpler and you reach Civitella del Lago which boasts a unique and unforgettable panorama.
Finally, you can enjoy the extensive vineyards and olive trees until you reach Baschi. Here you will find a historic center that will literally leave you speechless.
At this point, even if the journey is not yet completely finished, you will already begin to feel nostalgia for the wonderful places seen so far.
Going down the Vallone di San Lorenzo you can admire the Etruscan Necropolis of San Lorenzo, the small Montecchio center and finally the Ancajani Palace in Tenaglie.
Here you will surely realize that you have made a different and unforgettable journey, a journey that leaves an indelible mark on all those who have decided to live it.


Towards the Enchanted Valley
KM: 27.4
DIFFERENCE IN HEIGHT: Ascent 993 meters Descent 722 meters
DIFFICULTY: medium / difficult (with variations to simplify the route)
BASE: 75% Dirt 25% Asphalt


Infinite Horizons
KM: 19.8
DIFFERENCE IN HEIGHT: Ascent 783 meters Descent 963 meters
DIFFICULTY: difficult
BASE: 95% Dirt 5% Asphalt


Torment and ecstasy
KM: 23
DIFFERENCE IN HEIGHT: Ascent 695 meters Descent 932 meters
DIFFICULTY: difficult
BASE: 65% Dirt 35% Asphalt


The hills of the sun
KM: 15.3
DIFFERENCE IN ALTITUDE: Ascent 555 mt Descent 394 mt
BASE: 65% Dirt 35% Asphalt

All the information about the journey is available on the official website https://www.camminodeiborghisilenti.it

It is possible to contact the association that organized and manages the walk from the official facebook page

Thanks to the association TrekkinCava of Cava de Tirreni (SA) which accompanied on this extraordinary journey.

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