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alta via dei monti lattari

Walk with us – June 2022 – altaviadeimontilattari.it

Our journey on the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari has ended !

A wonderful journey through these wonderful lands between history and nature. A journey that allowed us to meet fantastic people and made us rediscover the hospitality of our land.

This is a journey and excursion to do, it is a set of emotions to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Below is a summary of the stages of our journey.

Happy trekking and good walking!

First Stage – From Corpo di Cava to Monte Avvocata
First stage – From Monte Avvocata to Valico di Chiunzi
Second stage – From Valico di Chiunzi to Santa Maria del Castello
Third Stage – From Santa Maria del Castello to Punta Campanella (Termini)

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