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Friends by train… by bike – Lagonegro – Rotonda cycle path

After the 2020 Basilicata coast to coast bike ride , we return to the Lagonegro – Rotonda cycle path .

An extraordinary stretch traveled to do in Basilicata between the valleys of the Noce and the Mercure ; a route that was born  on a stretch of the ancient Calabro – Lucana railway,  inaugurated in 1929, abandoned in the 70s. It becomes a truly unique cycle path for the landscapes it offers, among the characteristic railway tunnels and iron bridges.

Our adventure among friends starts from Lake Sirino , a town in the municipality of Nemoli . With electric bikes and muscle bikes, hired at the Ciclofficina Del Sirino Sirino Outdoor Experience , we followed the ancient stretch. On a splendid summer day the tunnels offer us shelter and freshness, first of all the 1.6 km  long Rosa Tunnel, the longest tunnel  that can be found between Lake Sirino (Nemoli) and Pecorone .

Some tunnels are without lighting and it is necessary to use torches to make your way, the few electrically lit instead give the impression of being in a mine.

Another point of interest that has aroused our admiration is the view of Lauria from the iron bridge, this point really deserves to stop for a moment to look at it.

Our last stop on the tour is the Castelluccio Inferiore station where we cool off and refresh a little at the S orgente di San Giovanni . Our short bike trip ends in in front of the church of San Nicola di Mira among the buildings frescoed by the murals.

At the end of our rest, we return to Lake Sirino following the same stretch backwards.

Good moments and a lot of laughter accompanied us on this day on a mountain bike.

Good ride everyone!

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